NaturegenicPlatform TechnologyNon-GMO Plant Trantsformation
Platform Technology

G+FLAS Life Sciences produces transformed crops using CRISPR PLUSTM.

Our goal

is to create better plant varieties without introducing transgenes to ease the public fear against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
We finally made it possible by developing DNA-free genome editing techniques.

Our technique

uses ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) that bind to and edit target DANs.
RNPs degrade easily after cleavage, and as such, no foreign material will remain in the host cells.
compared to DNA-based genome editing, RNPs can be designed and premanufactured to rapidly target multiple genes at once.

We endeavor

to use our proprietary gene-editing technology
(Korean patent application no. 10-1827885)
to introduce new plant varieties to the global market.

Non-GMO Genome Editing Technology Genome editing in plants without using DNA and Agrobacterium

“Breeding new variety with functional ingredients by direct insertion to plant cells with sgRNA-protein complex(RNP)”